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To optimized your health... To fight illness... To defy your age.

Natural Gene Activators and Gene Regulators

Uniquely rich in PPARs Agonist (Gene Activator), CGF, nuclei acids, Long-chain fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.  SimplyNature’s PPARs series is abundant in both Gene Activators and the supporting nutrients needed for healthy gene/cellular activity.

Nature's Complete Nutritional 'Whole Food'

Natural Gene Activators and Gene Regulators

Unique Proprietary Strain of Aquatic 'Miracles'

The Green Haven: Vegetarian and Halal

Worldwide Patented Bio-Technology

Optimal Omega-3s, Amino and Essential Fatty Acids

Fights and Prevents Disease

100% Natural "Green Superfood"

95% Bio-available Nutrients & 60% Plant Protein

GENES encode INSTRUCTIONS that allow a CELL to PRODUCE specific PROTEINS or ENZYMES. There are nearly 100,000 genes, each being made up of hundreds of thousands of chemical bases. Gene Activation and Regulation is critical to the CORRECT and OPTIMUM functioning of ALL our body’s different systems.  Your Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Neurological, and most importantly Immune System. 


SimplyNature PPARs series of products are the most potent natural catalyst in activating the body’s genes which CONTROL many biological functions such as nutrient handling, blood sugar and lipids metabolism, IMMUNE function, moderating INFLAMATION, bone formation, tissue remodeling, CELLULAR DIFFERENTIATION and adipogenesis.


SimplyNature PPARs  gene activators in the form of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Agonists (Unique combination of Long Chain Polyunsaturatted Fatty Acids) will direct the exact amount of nutrients needed by your body, unifying biological systems, functions and processes. Your immune system will then perform optimally at all times!


Our PPARs series is also coupled with RICH CELLULAR nutrition in the form of nucleic acids that support the cells activated by your genes.  


Our rich SUPERFOOD mircro-algae component provides the raw natural nutrition needed to FUEL your body for HEALING and OPTIMAL HEALTH.

What are Gene Activators?

Optimal Health

Release you body's full potential

Fight Illness

Activate your Endoctrine System

Defy Aging

Be young all the way

Under Construction

SimplyNature PPARs invites you to activate your genes and regulate them without drugs or invasive procedures. 

"If you could see me before, this lump is so big and the doctor said, I will not live that long. Now, I am healthier and prettier"


Throat Tumor

"I didn't take any drugs, just PPARs. My PSA level is normal, and I am cancer free"

Dr. Romeo Gavino

Prostate Cancer, 4th Stage

"My patient has a stomach cancer,but now, he is well and he can eat well"

Dr. Engie Domondon

Talks on her stomach cancer patient 

SimplyNature PPARs has come a long way through various milestones and we have received thousands of success stories from people whose lives have been tremendously touched and saved. 
We are happy and proud to present testimonials from all walks of life – infants to elderly and vegetarians to patients.
Testimonials. Real People. Real Stories

Be inspired. Join our PPARs+ social media community to get more insight of how people have benefited with PPARs.

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